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Living Guide for International Students in Japan

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Settling Down in Japan

  • What kind of card is a "residency card"?
  • Duty to carry and show your residence card
  • Be sure to copy down your residence card number
  • When there are changes to the information on your residence card
  • Losing your card and having it re-issued
  • The residence card and re-entry into Japan
  • You are legally obligated to return your residence card in the following cases:
  • Notification obligations
  • What is Covered by National Health Insurance?
  • How to Join National Health Insurance
  • Changing of Address
  • Necessary documents for opening an account
  • Seal documents
  • Automatic Transfer


Begin life in Japan

  • Variation of Accommodations
  • Before Finding A Room
  • Market Prices for Rent
  • Where to Find Rooms
  • Basic Knowledge & Housing Terminology
  • Signing a Contract
  • Joint Surety


Avoiding Troubles

  • Separation of Trash (e.g. in Tokyo)
  • Garbage Collecting Days are Different from One Area to Another
  • Keep the Rules
  • Considerate of Others
  • Making Noise Late at Night
  • When Friends Gather
  • Someone Complains Your Noise
  • Kitchen Grease
  • Ventilation
  • Keep the Oil Stain Away!
  • Cover Cooking Area with Aluminum Foil
  • Cleaning Costs May Be Deducted from Your Deposit
  • Precise Address Writing
  • Name Your Postbox
  • Post Office Information in English
  • Stop Electricity, Gas, Water
  • Leaving Clean
  • Changing of Address Notice
  • Unattended Bicycles
  • Registration
  • Park at a Designated Area
  • Flea Markets



  • Honors Scholarship for Privately-Financed International Students
  • Tuition Reduction and Assistance


Part-time Job

  • "Shikakugai-katsudokyoka"
  • Working Hours
  • Fields of Work
Working Condition
  • Record the Working Conditions
  • Record the Hours You Worked and the Payments
  • Late or Absent without Notice
Finding a Work
  • Job Placement Office in University
Troubles at Work
  • Accidents at Work
  • Consulting Offices for Settling Troubles
  • Two Kinds of Tax for a Part-timers
  • National Tax is Based on Annual Income
  • Go To Revenue Office for Filling in Income Tax Form



  • Immigration Law
  • Categories of Status of Residence
  • Regional Immigration Services Bureaus Locations
  • Advisory Organization
  • Individual applications should be made early
  • When Leaving Japan for a Period of Time (Gaining Re-Entry to Japan)


Interchange Activity

  • Do not Give It Up
  • Cultural Exchange Programs
  • Short-term Home Stay
  • Avoid "Isolation"
  • Friends from Your Country
  • Foreign Students Associations


Advisory Desk

  • Local Council Offices
  • Bar Association
  • Telephone Counseling
  • Local Council Offices
  • Japan Federation of Bar Associations Traffic Accident Consultation Center



  • Clearing the Room
  • Notice of Moving Out


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