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Immigration Law

According to Immigration and Refugee Act (shorten here as Immigration Law), there are descriptions in detail concerning documents proceedings and extent of activities for each status for all foreigners who enter and stay in Japan.

No matter your study-life you are leading is going without trouble you should not ignore to fulfill the requirements set by the Immigration Law or violating its rules. Be alerted that if you fail, there will be a possibility that you will be unable to continue your study.

Categories of Status of Residence

Foreigners that are permitted to stay in Japan have their "Status of Residence" and "Period of Stay" determined by their purpose of staying in Japan. Each activity and details of each status is strictly set. If you are engaged in an activity other than your original status of residence without permission, such as an activity with which you can get money, or if you are involved in a criminal case, you might get expelled from Japan or your application for the change of the period of stay or of the status of residence might be rejected.

Regional Immigration Bureau Addresses

After your entry to Japan you should go to a regional immigration bureau and apply for your permit of staying in Japan.

(Website of Immigration Services Agency)

Advisory Organization

If you have considerably low rate of attendance in your class without inevitable reasons such as being sick, you might be considered as neglecting your study, and, as a result, the extension of period of stay might not be granted. Even with a good reason if you do not have the proof for it, the application will not be granted. If there is something you feel uncertain about getting extension of period of stay or status changed, please consult with school office or foreign student counseling organizations.

Immigrants information center

Individual applications should be made early

If you fail to make your application of the extension by the due day, your will be labeled as "an illegal resident". Status renewal applications can be made 3 months before the expiration of the status of residence, and such applications should be made as early as possible.

Regional Immigration Bureau will temporarily receive your application of extension of the stay and they will later post you the result. When you submit an application, you will have "under application" stamped on your residence card, and that way you can wait to hear back from the Regional Immigration Bureau. With this stamp, you will not be entitled as "an illegal resident" even if your permission of stay expires while you are waiting.

When Leaving Japan for a Period of Time (Gaining Re-Entry to Japan)

When you leave Japan, if you do not have permission to re-enter (that is, a valid visa at the time of re-entry), you will have to re-apply for a certificate of eligibility and acquire a new visa.
However, your residence card is considered valid re-entry permission. If you leave Japan and return within one year, you will be granted re-entry to Japan if you show your valid residence card and passport when you arrive.
If you plan on leaving Japan and will not return for over 1 year, you will need to apply for and receive re-entry permission at the Immigration Bureau before you leave Japan. The fee for this re-entry permit is 3,000 yen for a single re-entry, or 6,000 yen for multiple re-entries. You will receive a re-entry permit label that will be affixed to your passport.


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