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Search Japanese Universities in Fukui. | JPSS, the information site of studyi...

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Search Japanese Universities in Fukui.

Fukui Prefecture, located in the northwest region of Japan, has many unique sights which cannot be found in neighboring regions. While Fukui is not traditionally a destination for international students to come and study, there are many advantages for those who do. Study in the select few universities in Fukui offers international students opportunities to build close and lasting relationships with their fellow students, as well as the ability to truly immerse themselves in studying their field of choice. Fukui also has a cooler climate embodied in its famous Wakasa Bay, which is a submerged river valley. This comfortable climate can be considered another positive aspect of coming to study in Fukui.

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Jin-ai University Faculties

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Meiji Gakuin University
Temple University, Japan Campus
Teikyo University