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Part-time Job

Part-time jobs (permission application and conditions) for international students

There are many foreign students who have to take part time jobs to fill the deficiency of funding for school fee and living expenses, in their odd free time. However, those with the status of "Foreign Student" in principle are forbidden from working. If you want to work, one must get a permission from the Regional Immigration Services Bureau. Also, you cannot violate the rules and conditions set by the immigration office.


(Engaging in Activities other than Status Qualification)
When you take a part-time job, you must first apply for the permission. Once you get the permission, it will be effective no matter how often you change your part-time job. In case you extend your status of residence the permission can also be extended. In order to apply, you must submit the form "Application for Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted Under the Status of Residence Previously Granted" (available at the Immigration Bureau) and show your passport. There is no fee to apply.

Working Hours

Those who hold the status of "Foreign Student" and are permitted to engage in other activities (part-time jobs) are limited in principle to working within the following:
No more than 28 hours per week. Up to 8 hours per day during extended school vacations.

Fields of Work

Work in adult entertainment business is prohibited even in these designated time limits. This includes bars and nightclubs that provide companions for customers, adult entertainment businesses, and gambling businesses (pachinko parlors, mahjong parlors, etc.). Any work, including work such as dishwashing or cleaning, at these establishments is strictly prohibited.

Working Condition

Record the Working Conditions

It is best if you could get a "working contract" from the employer when you take a part-time job, but under Japanese customs, there is no such procedure in most cases. After an interview, you should tell the employer that you would like to prevent misunderstandings because of your Japanese deficiency. Ask the employer to write down, the number of working days, hours, payment, the day of payment, employer's name, telephone number, etc. If not, please write down all the details by yourself and confirm the contents with the employer. You can make use of this memorandum in order to avoid a trouble based on misunderstandings, or this memorandum can be useful when you should have such trouble. If you got the job through a newspaper or a job placement magazine, please keep the advertisement article with you.

Record the Hours You Worked and the Payments

To avoid troubles with, nonpayment and other such troubles, you should record the number of hours you have worked and the amount of payment you got.

Late or Absent without Notice

Although it is only a part-time job, you are not allowed to be late or take a day off without any notice. Please contact your employer beforehand.

Finding a Work

Job Placement Office in University

Many offices of students' affairs or welfare section at universities can introduce part-time jobs to students. Please apply directly at school offices.

Troubles at Work

As the number of foreign students taking part-time jobs increase, more people have accidents while they are working, or they have problems such as nonpayment of wage, etc. When there is a trouble with the work, you must first try to discuss calmly with the responsible person at work. If the problem still cannot be solved, please contact consulting organizations.

Accidents at Work

If an accident occurs while you are working or on the way from working place to home and vice versa, "Workmen's Compensation Insurance Act" can be applied. This law can be applied to foreigners as to the Japanese. Whenever an accident occurs while you are working, please contact the responsible person at work and receive medical treatment immediately. If one meets a traffic accident on the road, report to the police at once as soon as you receive medical treatment. You will negotiate with the responsible person in the accident after the treatment.

Because the responsible person at work does not fully comprehend you, if you cannot receive proper medical treatment, or if compensation for loss is not settled, please contact the consulting organizations.

Consulting Offices for Settling Troubles

Offices at the Bureau of labor administration will help you solve the unsettled troubles between employees and employers.
For Tokyo, consultations can be made at the Labor Consultation Information Center in the daytime Monday through Friday.


There is a tax deduction when you receive your payment from a part-time job. Please accept that different countries and societies have different tax systems. Japanese taxing system is briefly explained as follow.

Two Kinds of Tax for a Part-timers

National tax deducted from the part time job salary is called "Income tax". An employer of a company or a shop owner will deduct this tax money and pay to the department of revenue instead of you. The income tax is based on the amount earned from jobs. If it is a translation work, tax deduction will be 10% for those who stay in Japan for more than one year and 20% for those whose income is more than 1,000,000 JPY. The National revenue office will report your income information to the local offices and you will be charged local municipal Taxes separate from the national tax.

National Tax is Based on Annual Income

The income tax that is paid to the country is deducted from each wage, but the final amount of deduction will be based on the total salary of the year. From February 16 to March 15 of each year, tax payers must file for the income tax (based on annual income minus the expenses and exemptions) by reporting whether or not the paid amount is larger or smaller than it should be. The exceeded amount, if there is any, will be refunded.

Go To Revenue Office for Filling in Income Tax Form

Income tax report has to be made at the revenue office of your residency in the set period from 16th of February to 15th of March every year. If you do not know the location of the revenue office, please contact a local ward or a city office for information. Filing is done by filling in a form and returning it to the revenue office. If it is your first time and do not know how to do it, the officer there will be wil1ing to give advices, please take with you your tax withholding form.


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