Avoiding Troubles Moving | JPSS, the information site of studying in Japan

Avoiding Troubles Moving | JPSS, the information site of studying in Japan

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Living Guide for International Students in Japan

Avoiding Troubles


"Moving Notice" should be made at least one month in advance.

Please inform your landlord of your moving at least one month before your moving out ., You may have to pay one month extra rent without making a "moving out notice".

Stop Electricity, Gas, Water

3 days prior moving out, you should notify electricity, gas and water company of your moving. (Tel. numbers are indicated on the bill receipts) On the day of moving, your meters will be checked and payment then must be made for them.

Leaving Clean

It will cause a trouble if you leave waste in the room. Ask your landlord to check if there is any damage to the property after you moved out all the personal belongings. If there is no damage, all the deposit money will be reimbursed. Do not forget to return the keys.

Changing of Address Notice

After moving, please go to the nearest post office for the address changing card. Return the filled card to the counter. For one year then on, all the mails sent to your old address will be for-warded to your new address.


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