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Avoiding Troubles

Receiving Postage Correctly

There is nothing more encouraging than getting a letter from home. It can be said that every foreign student hopes getting a letter and a parcel from home without a mistake and promptly. Likewise, it will be a big loss if examination materials, a notification of entrance exam result, an important document from the city or the immigration office, etc. are not promptly delivered.

Precise Address Writing

The name of your flat and the room number must be written for those who live in a flat or a condominium. Those who live in a room of a house or staying with a family, you have to write the family name of the landlord on the last line of address in the Japanese style of writing. Writing only the house number is not sufficient for prompt delivery.

Name Your Postbox

If your name is not indicated on the mailbox, a postman will be uncertain of your residence. Do not fail to put your name on the mailbox. If you live with your friend(s), please put all the names.

Post Office Information in English

Information is given in English in the following time

• Time
Monday to Friday 8:00 to 22:00
Sat., Sun., Holidays 9:00 to 22:00
• Post Office Information Telephone Numbers in English
0570-046-111 (Charged)


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