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Search Japanese Universities in Miyazaki.

Of the prefectures of Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan's four major islands, Miyazaki is regarded as the most tropical and exotic. Miyazaki Prefecture is famous for its crops of tropical fruits such as mangoes. Such crops are made possible by Miyazaki's particularly warm weather. This makes Miyazaki ideal for students looking to carry out their studies in a warmer climate. While there are not many universities in Miyazaki, they emphasize international education, with an active international student body that has gathered mainly from Indonesia, Malaysia, America, and European countries.

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Miyazaki Municipal University Faculties

Miyazaki International University Faculties

Miyazaki Sangyou Keiei University Faculties

University of Miyazaki Faculties

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Meiji Gakuin University
Teikyo University
Temple University, Japan Campus