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Search Japanese Universities in Tochigi. | JPSS, the information site of stud...

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> Search Japanese Universities in Tochigi.

Search Japanese Universities in Tochigi.

Tochigi Prefecture is a popular destination for both international students as well as tourists. It is just one train ride away from downtown Tokyo, and this convenience is highly-regarded by international students. Tochigi has a national university as well as many private universities. These universities have joined together to create the Consortium of Universities in Tochigi, which provides various forms of support for international students. Tochigi is also home to some of Japan's most famous tourist sites, such as Nikko and the Kinugawa River, and visiting them provides valuable Japanese cultural experiences that cannot be found in any classroom.

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Teikyo University

Discover the future of “your way” from a broad selection of 10 faculties and 33 departments.

Teikyo University is a comprehensive institution that offers studies in medicine, humanities, and sciences in 10 faculties and 32 departments. Education at Teikyo University is guided by the idea...
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Teikyo University
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