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Interchange Activity

Foreign Students' Network

Avoid "Isolation"

The most dangerous thing in foreign student life is becoming isolated. As you live in a foreign country and far away from your own family, you tend to experience many obstructions and mental distress. Actions based only on your own idea and judgment might cause various troubles.

Friends from Your Country

The first person you can feel free to ask for advice in time of trouble is a friend or a senior student from your country. Communication with them is essential for your daily life. It is important to let them know your idea and your living condition even if there is no trouble at the moment, because you can never know when you will get into an accident or involved in any trouble.

Recently, there are also foreign students' societies in universities. We advise you to take part in them for your own sake.

Foreign Students Associations

There are foreign students' associations with former students from different countries and regions that provide support to current students. Some foreign students' associations have no official address or contact information, and leaders may change often. Check for the latest information on the internet, or consult with the student information desk of your country's embassy.


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