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Interchange Activity

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Cultural Exchange Programs

Up to about ten years ago, there were a number of students who came to Japan to study and return home without having a chance to visit Japanese home. Now there are all sorts of cultural exchange programs between foreign students and Japanese people held by schools or some organizations in the community. After getting into a university or a special training school, if you have time, try to participate in cultural exchange activities. Through these activities you will have a chance to understand Japanese social life and culture. Family visit or temporary home-stay with Japanese family are also encouraged. Some programs such as home stay and home visit are also carried out.

For your information contact your city council office and also keep on checking your school notice board.

Short-term Home Stay

During summer, winter or spring vacation, there are short-term home-stay programs with Japanese family in Hokkaido, Kyushu, etc. for about one to three weeks. Any student who can afford the transportation fee will be eligible to join the program. Though Japan is a small country, it is a long way to go from the north to the south. You will experience different kinds of climate, social life and culture which cannot be experienced in large cities such as Tokyo or in a regular trip. We strongly recommend you participate in these programs. Information can be obtained from international exchange centers nearby or from information magazines and etc.


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