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Interchange Activity

Japanese Friends

It is quite natural for you to feel that it is not enough just to fill your time with study but you would also like to make as many Japanese friends as possible. Your friendship will continue after your return to home country and will treasure it as one of the most valuable achievements of your study life in Japan.

Do not Give It Up

Some foreign students may say, "It is easier to be friends with foreign students even though they are from different countries. However, with a Japanese, it takes too much time to be friends with." Of course, the friendship between foreign students is very important. However, in the daily life, if you stick to gathering only with foreign students, it may be seen as you are locked yourselves in alienated from Japanese people. Takes your time to build a close relationship with Japanese friends, it is worth doing. If you only succeeded in making one friend, nevertheless, the relationship will become an important bridge connecting you and Japan after you return to your home country.


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