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Avoiding Troubles

Using Kitchen

Perhaps there are lots of people who think that the way of using a kitchen is all the same in the world. The fact is that one of the reasons that most landlords are unwilling to rent a room to a foreigner is because of the difference in the way kitchens are used and maintained. Thus, it is a very important thing.

Kitchen Grease

Japanese kitchen is designed for Japanese style cooking. Most of Japanese cooking is steaming or baking, and most of the kitchens are not suitable for frying. However, the cooking style of the most Asian countries are mainly frying, which causes the splashing and sticking of cooking oil on the walls, floors and all over. Then the kitchen will easily become greasy and dirty.


Most of the Japanese feel uneasy with a greasy kitchen. Many landlords feel unhappy with such a greasy mess. Therefore, when you cook with oil, you have to ventilate the kitchen so that its floor, wall, ceiling will not be stained with oil.

Keep the Oil Stain Away!

If the splashed oil is left unattended, oil stains will eventually become greasy spots. Make it your habit to wipe and clean the cooking area each time you finish cooking. This simple habit is the most effective way to control greasy kitchens.

Cover Cooking Area with Aluminum Foil

If you feel it troublesome to clean each time after cooking, covering the cooking table and the walls with aluminum foil will help. It is just one small effort that will keep your kitchen out of grease.

Cleaning Costs May Be Deducted from Your Deposit

Owner will demand cleaning expense at the time you leave the lodging if the room had been obviously dirtier in comparison to the situation when you moved there. Kitchen is not the only place that will be checked. In this case, cleaning expense will paid automatically from deposit. Therefore, only part of the deposit will be refunded.
Furthermore, if the room had been used extremely dirty, you may be asked to pay what the deposit cannot cover. It will be better to use kitchen and toilet clearly and carefully so that unnecessary expenses could be avoided.
But it is no use to pay for additional fee provided that dirt just comes from usual use. Confirm the dirty when you move to that room, even by taking photo. When asked to pay for cleaning fee, you could show them photo to claim that some dirty were none of your responsibility.


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