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If you are unsure about your future

Let’s take a moment to see what suits you best for your future career.

This “Academic Suitability Check” is a diagnostic test for helping you choose a career path that matches your interests and abilities. Keep the results of this test in mind as you go forward making decisions about your career path.
All you have to do is take this simple quiz of 40 questions.

Academic Suitability Check Supervisors

Murasawa Mahoro, Associate Professor, Faculty of Sociology, Ryukoku University

Maruyama Akira, Clinical Psychologist

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  • Literature

    Approaching humanity and human society through the study of culture.

  • Language

    Studying the languages and cultures of foreign countries to gain international understanding.

  • Law

    Creating social order and pursuing the happiness of human beings.

  • Economics, Management, Commerce

    Exploring social trends through studying the flow of goods and money.

  • Sociology

    Studying all social phenomena, from individuals to nations.

  • International Relations

    Studying international issues with the goal of attaining world peace.


Humanities & Science

  • Teacher training, Education Science

    Learning about the essence of education as well as method for helping students grow.

  • Life Sciences

    Analyzing various aspects of daily life to realize better living.

  • Arts

    Cultivating one's sensibilities and enhancing expressive abilities.

  • Integrated Science

    Approaching social problems by thinking free from restraints.

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