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Advisory Desk

for Ordinary Citizens

Local Council Offices

There are counseling centers available for Japanese citizens in ward or city offices. Most of these centers recently established a desk for foreigners as well. There are some districts where there are international exchange activities or Japanese language lessons for foreigners. However, since these counseling centers are not designed only for foreign students, private counseling centers might give you more appropriate advice if you want to ask about students matters such as school university enrollment and such. Please contact your ward or city office if you have any administrative issues or daily life problems.

1) Information Map of Help Centers for Foreigners
International associations in Tokyo provide lists in various languages of foreigner help centers in Tokyo. There are also lists of specialized help centers on Legislation & Status of Residence, Labor, Medical Treatment and other matters.

2) Tokyo Metropolitan Government Foreign Residents' Advisory Center (Over the phone consultations; in-person consultations also possible. Free of charge) Address: 3F, Tokyo Metropolitan Government No. 1 Building, 2-8-1, Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo 163-8001 Access: 10 minutes walk from Shinjuku Station
Consultation content: Problems relating to medical care, legal matters and daily life. Full-time staff are available, and consulting specialists such as lawyers and tax accountants assist when necessary.
Languages and Opening Hours:
English: 03-5320-7744, (Mon.-Fri.) 9:30-17:00
Chinese: 03-5320-7766, (Tue. and Fri.) 9:30-17:00
Korean: 03-5320-7700, (Wed.) 9:30-17:00

3) Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau, Civil Liberties Department (Human Rights Counseling Center for Foreigners) (Over the phone consultations; in-person consultations also possible. Free of charge)
Address: 1-1-15 Kudanminami Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Details: Commissioners for the Protection of Fundamental Human right give you advice on human rights problems. The office mostly deals with problems relating to status of residence or part-time jobs. Personal information is kept strictly confidential to protect human rights even in cases of illegal workings you would not be charged.
TEL: 03-5213-1372
Languages and Opening Hours:
Chinese: (Mon.) 13:30-16:00
English, German: (Tue, Thurs.) 13:30-16:00

List of Human Rights Counseling Centers for Foreigners in other cities.

Bar Association

There are JFBA(Japan Federation of Bar Association) counseling centers in each prefecture. There are some centers with interpreters for foreign visitors, but we advise you to go with a friend who understand Japanese well.

Japan Federation of Bar Associations

Telephone Counseling

You may have worries living away from your home country. If you need a help do not hesitate to call any of the following numbers.

Life Line nationwide Phone numbers list


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