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Chuo University Thương mại 「グローバル社会で活きる実学を実践学修で学ぶ」... ...

Với chức năng "Chiêu mộ", bạn sẽ có cơ hội lấy học bổng khi đậu đại học.

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Tin tức

2019/07/01 Chuo University Thương mại Bản tin trường

The Faculty of Commerce provides a practical education, in its four departments: Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing and Trade, and Banking and Corporate Finance. Our objective is for students to acquire practical skills and exemplary personal qualities through our basic principle of an ever-changing, independent and well-balanced education. One distinctive feature of our program is our large number of alumni playing important roles as CPAs and other types of accounting professionals.
(from Takeo WATANABE Dean, Faculty of Commerce)

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