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Chukyo University Management 【中京大学】オープンキャンパス情報!!本学受験.....

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2014/07/15 Chukyo University Management Bản tin trường

【Chukyo University】 Open Campus Event on July 19-20th &Septemver14th

Chukyo University will have Open Campus Events on July 19-20th at Nagoya Campus and September 14th at Toyota Campus.

Chukyo University offers a variety of campus tour options for prospective students!
We will offer you each department’s information and admission information. You will have an opportunity to take trial lectures and join a campus visit. Admissions Counselors will be there to answer all questions you have.

[Open Campus Event at Nagoya]
Date : July 19th (Sat) & 20th(Sun)
Time : 10:00-16:00
Place: Chukyo University, Nagoya Campus
Targeted Faculties and Departments: All 18 departments

[Open Campus Event at Toyota]
Date : September 14th(Sun)
Time : 10:00-16:00
Place: Chukyo University, Toyota Campus
Targeted Faculties and Departments: 6 departments located in Toyota Campus

For further detailed information on Open Campus Event (in Japanese), please click here :

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