Ryukoku University ReTACTION 新着記事 “誰もが安心して学生生活を過... | Tin tức | Website về thông tin du học JPSS | 2023/03/08 update

Ryukoku University ReTACTION 新着記事 “誰もが安心して学生生活を過... | Tin t...

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Tin tức

2023/03/08 Ryukoku University Bản tin trường

New article up on the ReTACTION site.
“All-Gender Toilets (tentative name)”—providing a safe environment for all students on campus.

Gender-neutral toilets that can be used by anyone regardless of gender are common throughout America and Europe, and are spreading throughout Japan too.
Since 2018, Ryukoku University has been working in pursuit of providing bathroom facilities that can be used safely by everyone—for example, by changing the name of our multipurpose toilets to “toilets that can be used by everyone”—and we continue to work towards further progress.

Please check out our interview with members of “Clear”, the student organization involved in setting up the “All-Gender Toilet (tentative name)” operation at our Fukakusa Campus.


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