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Trường Đại học Musashino Ngành Toàn cầu 米国で開催される国際学会での発表に武...

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Tin tức

2018/03/12 Trường Đại học Musashino Ngành Toàn cầu Bản tin trường


本学経営学科3年の霍田杏子さん、山口華里菜さん、グローバル・ビジネス学科2年の川瀬修さん、Jeevan Tamrakarさんが行ってきた共同研究の成果が、2018年4月に米国のUniversity of Central Oklahomaで開催されるNational Conference on Undergraduate Research 2018 (NCUR 2018)での発表に採択されました。



•An explanation of the counter-intuitive relationship between need for attention and intrinsic learning motivation
•Effect of diversity belief on cross-cultural motivation and cognitive engagement: A comparative study of Japanese undergraduate students with and without foreign experience
•Effects of life satisfaction and life’s meaning on academic goal orientation
•Effects of resilience and social capital on coping strategy choice
•How to facilitate monitoring learning behavior of undergraduate student
•How we can accept our own thoughts and feelings?: Effects of self-esteem and a sense of life’s meaning

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