International University of Japan 9月1日付で、国際大学新学長に伊丹敬之氏が就任し... | Tin tức | Website về thông tin du học JPSS | 2017/09/04 update

International University of Japan 9月1日付で、国際大学新学長に伊丹敬之氏が就...

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2017/09/04 International University of Japan Bản tin trường

International University of Japan (IUJ) named new president on September 1.

Dr. Hiroyuki Itami of new president of IUJ's message:

Our International University of Japan, IUJ, is a very unique university. Our uniqueness is the university's biggest asset.
IUJ was the first graduate school university in Japan without undergraduate programs. Moreover, our language of instruction is English and our educational programs focus only on international relations and international management. No other university in Japan has this narrow focus, perhaps no other in the world.
 Within this narrow focus, however, we have a wide range of programs such as international relations, public management, economic development, international business management and e-business. In these programs, multinational professors with rich international experience provide professional education that imparts highly specialized knowledge.
 Our three unique features, i.e. English as the language of instruction, professional graduate programs, and our focus in international relations/international management/economic development are based on the founding philosophy of our university. Our founder was Sohei Nakayama, a famous banker who wielded tremendous influence on Japan’s post-war economic development as the president of one our leading banks. He wanted to educate global leaders for the future global society and provide a venue where young people from all over the world could gather.
In the early stages of our development, our student body was comprised of mainly Japanese, but at present 80% of our current students, who total just under 400, are non-Japanese and 80% of them are from Asia and Africa. We already have more than 4000 alumni from more than 120 countries and most of them are making important contributions in their homelands and in the world. No other university in Japan, nor in the world can boast such an international and diversified student body.
 Our students, with such unique backgrounds, work hard in a campus in the beautiful countryside in Niigata, where all of them live in on-campus dormitories. Quite naturally, their study environment is very rich and dense, with their main activities being everyday study, on-campus life and interaction with local and Japanese society.
 In the region of Minami Uonuma, Niigata, which is so rich in traditional Japanese culture, both Japanese and non-Japanese work hard in their study together. They learn about Japan, Asia and Africa from their daily human interactions. Our university is truly a place, as our students like to put it, "where the world really gathers".
 Great future progress in Asia and Africa is imminent, and Japan will and must play its historical role by contributing to their development. IUJ has become a hub of a great network of people from Asia, Africa and Japan, as a graduate institution where students can experience Japan and the world, especially Asia and Africa, in real life in Niigata. Such a place and network is a very precious asset not only for Japan but also for the world.
We will make every effort to make this asset even greater and more valuable. As the president of IUJ, I sincerely hope that you will be drawn to this precious asset and come here to study for your future career of global leadership, and that you will feel Japan, Asia and Africa first hand through everyday human interaction.

Hiroyuki Itamai
President of International University of Japan

For more about President Hiroyuki Itamai:

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