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Faculty information

Creating New Things – We will make that your reality!

Scheduled to open in April, 2021, the Department of Entrepreneurship aims to cultivate talented individuals capable of using their entrepreneurial skills to transcend existing frameworks in their pursuit of new and exciting creations. Our mission is to ‘increase the number of people who truly believe they can use their unique ideas and actions to better the world’. Individuals who can go from zero to unlimited. People who have an untapped potential to work with, and around, our ever-changing economy and society.

Department of Entrepreneurship – what makes us stand out!

 All lecturers are active entrepreneurs!
Our lecturers in the Faculty of Entrepreneurship have been carefully gathered with you in mind. They are all actively working as the operators and CEOs of startups, venture capitalist companies and NPOs. They are all doers and achievers, using their wide range of knowledge and experience to help YOU grow and achieve your goal of ‘Creating New Things’.

 A curriculum that focuses on active learning and hands-on training!
Students will use ‘practical training’, group work and various other active learning workshops to hone their entrepreneurial skills.

In their first year, all students learn together in a student dormitory

All first year students live in a dormitory, working hard and learning together, with various out-of-class opportunities to learn from entrepreneurs and businessmen and women from various different industries. The dormitory provides a space for students to share ideas with peers from Japan and around the world, working together to ‘create value in the world’.

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Learning about cutting edge initiatives through overseas training

All students in the Department of Entrepreneurship participate in overseas training in their second year. During these trips students visit early-stage startup companies (10 employees or more), and learn how startups are doing in the global market place and the importance of the overseas market. They then take this knowledge to help refine their own startup plan, pitching it during an English presentation on the final day of the training. Upon returning to Japan a meeting is held with entrepreneurs to discuss the results of the pitch.

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