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Với chức năng "Chiêu mộ", bạn sẽ có cơ hội lấy học bổng khi đậu đại học.

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Dành cho các bạn đang có dự định du học trường Sophia University. JAPAN STUDY SUPPORT là trang thông tin về du học Nhật Bản dành cho du học sinh nước ngoài, được đồng vận hành bởi Hiệp hội Asia Gakusei Bunka và Công ty cổ phần Benesse Corporation. Trang này đăng các thông tin Ngành  hoặcNgành Science and TechnologyhoặcNgành Global StudieshoặcNgành SPSF(Sophia Program for Sustainable Futures)hoặcNgành TheologyhoặcNgành HumanitieshoặcNgành LawhoặcNgành EconomicshoặcNgành Foreign StudieshoặcNgành Human Sciences của Sophia University cũng như thông tin chi tiết về từng ngành học, nên nếu bạn đang tìm hiểu thông tin du học liên quan tới Sophia University thì hãy sử dụng trang web này.Ngoài ra còn có cả thông tin của khoảng 1.300 trường đại học, cao học, trường đại học ngắn hạn, trường chuyên môn đang tiếp nhận du học sinh.

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Thông tin ngành học

Pioneering International College Education in English

Sophia students are diverse in background. Comprising over 50 nationalities, they include students educated at Japanese and international high schools in Japan, as well as both degree students and exchange students from all over the world. The mission of the Faculty of Liberal Arts is to prepare such students to participate actively in international contexts and organizations. The Faculty's academic programs are designed to equip graduates with the intellectual acuity, linguistic abilities, and cultural skills necessary to take the lead in bridging differences and promoting understanding in today's increasingly multicultural and international world. Since all the courses are held in English, this is the program that allows you to acquire a degree in Japan without necessarily being a Japanese language speaker.


The FLA offers an English-language liberal arts curriculum which enables students to acquire a strong academic foundation and intellectual orientation before selecting a disciplinary major. During the freshman year, students are required to take “core courses” which train them thoroughly in critical thinking skills as well as in writing and public speaking skills. From the second year onward, the FLA curriculum requires students to choose a major from among three broad areas, comparative culture, international business and economics, and social studies, and to study that field in close connection with neighboring disciplines. In the junior and senior years, students take advanced courses in their selected major, while continuing to take courses outside their major. This interdisciplinary orientation is designed to foster students' ability to approach issues from multiple perspectives. Moreover, a wide range of courses on Japan enables students to understand both present-day Japan and its traditions in a global context.
For detailed information about FLA, please visit:

International students

International students

Between the classes

Between the classes

Thông tin Du học sinh của trường (theo niên khóa)

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Hàn quốc234
Đài loan41
Việt nam23
Các nước khác210
Comparative Culture

This is an interdisciplinary major in the humanities focusing on the fields of Art History/Visual Culture, Literature, and Religion and Philosophy. Dealing with a variety of cultural traditions, Art History/Visual Culture covers all fields of art and visual culture, such as architecture, painting, sculpture, photography, film, and mass media. The field of Literature explores the epics, novels, poetry, theatrical works, and other genres produced in a variety of cultures.

International Business and Economics

The International Business and Economics (IBE) major offers a unique opportunity for students to study both business and economics in a single major. The IBE program allows students to develop the strong skill sets required for employment in a wide range of fields. Students first build solid foundations by taking fundamental courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics, management, marketing, accounting and statistics and then acquire advanced knowledge and skills in the area of their interest with courses such as international trade, international finance, financial management, industrial organization and consumer behavior.

Social Studies

Social Studies is a core component of any liberal arts curriculum. The Social Studies major comprises three concentrations – History, Political Science, and Anthropology-Sociology.
It seeks to give students a deeper understanding of the social, political, and cultural environment in which they live, and to liberate them from being bound to their immediate milieu. Students majoring in Social Studies receive training in a wide range of job-relevant skills, including analytic reading, writing, logical thinking, data gathering, presentation, discussion, and group work.
However, the main purpose of the Social Studies major is not to train students in technical skills. It is rather to encourage students to reflect upon the customs, principles, institutions, and values which inform the societies they live in, and to contribute to their betterment.

Non-degree program

Non-degree students are those who enroll in Sophia University for one or two semesters (up to two years) to take courses and obtain credits but do not intend to receive an academic degree. Non-degree students can enroll in either the Faculty of Liberal Arts (FLA) or Center for Language Education and Research (CLER) for the Japanese language intensive programs.
For admission information, please go to:

Summer Session in East Asian Studies

For more than fifty years, Sophia University's Summer Session in Asian Studies has been providing students from around the world opportunities to study in Japan. Over the years, more than 10,000 students have attended Summer Session lectures. Many former participants of the Summer Session have gone on to pursue careers related to Japan.
In 2018, we launched a new summer program:Summer Session in East Asian Studies and Japanese Language.
and which ended in great success.
This consists of three-week academic program: Summer Session 1 and Summer Session 2. This Summer Session provides participants the opportunity to take part in East Asian Studies courses and an intensive Japanese language courses in both sessions.
For more information, please refer to:

Summer Session in Japanese Language

The 3 week session is tailored for students who want to improve their Japanese language abilities in an intensive program in Japan. Students will study Japanese at a beginner, intermediate, advanced intermediate, and advanced level at Sophia University. To further enhance the effectiveness of Japanese language acquisition, students will have opportunities to practice their language skills or experience the different culture through some outside-of-class activities with Sophia students. You will have the opportunity to engage in Japanese Language in an excellent environment as well as meet students from around the world.

For more information, please refer to:

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