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Expenses for Studying


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Rent for housing in Tokyo is high

Monthly living expenses (including tuition) in Japan for international students on average nationwide comes to about 138,000 yen. Regionally, the Shikoku region has the lowest living expenses at 104,000 yen, while the Kanto region has the highest living expenses at 154,000 yen. The Kanto region includes Tokyo, where average monthly expenses comes to 158,000 yen. This is more than 50,000 yen per month extra compared to the Shikoku region.
The high expense of Tokyo can be attributed to high rent costs along with the cost of transportation required for commuting and other activities.

Consider entrance examination fees when using Method A

If you choose Method A to enter an undergraduate course or vocational school, you may take several schools' entrance examinations. The examination fee can be nearly30,000 yen per school, and there may be transportation fees, hotel accommodation fees if the school is far away from where you live, EJU or TOEFL fees, and other expenses. These can add up to a large cost per test. When considering that if you are accepting you will have to then pay enrollment fees and tuition (refer to each school's information), the total costs of taking entrance examinations have to be considered.

Tuition fees

National schools and universities will have the lowest tuitions, and tuition will be the same regardless of the subject taken. Public universities will cost slightly more. Private schools may have different tuition costs for different subjects, and compared to public institutions, on average, law and economics courses cost 1.4 times more, arts courses cost 2.3 times more, and dentistry is the most expensive, at 6.2 times as expensive as a public institution program.

Tuition Fees Enrollment Fees Facility and Maintenance Fees Total
National Universities 535,800 282,000 *3 817,800
Public Universities*1 537,809 393,426 *3 931,235
Private Liberal Arts University*2 746,123 242,579 158,118 1,146,819
Private Science University*2 1,048,763 262,436 190,034 1,501,233
(Costs in Yen)

*1: Ministry of Education's "Student Costs Survey 2016".
*2: Ministry of Education's "Private University Newly Enrolled Students First-year Average Costs Survey 2014".
*3: Fee required in some cases.

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