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The Appeal of Study in Japan


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A Developed Economy and Advanced Technology

Japan is an economically-developed country with advanced scientific technology. People in universities and businesses carry out innovative basic and applied research every day, and countless new technologies and theories are being developed and put to use. This scientific technology and academic theoretical work are the tools that support peoples' lives and society all over the world.
A variety of high level education is practiced, which forms the social foundation of Japan. There are over 700 universities or colleges in Japan. The number of vocational colleges in Japan is close to 3,000. The kinds of learning that are available ranges from traditional academic fields like law, economy, engineering, and science to modern disciplines in fields like environmental studies, information, and tourism, and even fields such as animation or computer game production.

A Unique Culture and Internationalism

Japanese language and culture has its own uniqueness. However, if you come and live surrounded by Japanese culture, you will find that was first seems special or strange has an origin that provides a reason for being the way it is. It is such cultural origins that serve as the common foundation which links the people of the world together.
Studying in Japan provides you with not just advanced and specialized knowledge, but opportunities to learn about Japanese language and culture as well. Such experiences can deepen your understanding of your own language and culture in addition to a greater understanding of the world. These kinds of multi-cultural experiences during your time studying abroad will shape who you are and who you will become.

Supporting Your Dreams

After their study in Japan, many students go on to play active roles in companies related to Japan or Japanese companies both in Japan and in their home countries. Based on our surveys of overseas study participants, we found that those students felt that their time studying in Japan was an immeasurably valuable experience.
Finding success from study in Japan is not a dream that easily comes true for many. However, if you can work towards your dream through the stresses brought by an unfamiliar culture and the joys of new discoveries, it is a dream that will come true.
Challenge yourself to come study in Japan, and you will surely realize your dreams.

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