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Accommodations for when you first come to Japan


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Secure a room before coming to Japan

Once you arrive in Japan, a place to stay is essential. Therefore, you should make clear whether the school you want to enter has a dormitory or not. Similarly, you should confirm how much rent you will pay, and how many people will live in one room. Furthermore, you also should check how much it costs to commute from the dormitory to your school.
On the other hand, you have to prepare for when your school does not have an attached dormitory, or its dormitory cannot accommodate all the registered students. In these cases, you should confirm whether your school will help you find lodging or not. In addition, you should confirm whether the school will provide you with a temporary dormitory before you find your own.

Finding a temporary dormitory

When schools do not provide a dormitory, and they do not provide a temporary dormitory, you can make use of youth hostels, weekly rental apartments, or guest houses.
At a youth hotel, one night's stay costs about 4,000 yen. Before coming to Japan, it is advised that you apply to be a member of a youth hostel organization and make reservations at that time.
In the case of a weekly rental apartment, a bed, furniture, and cooking items are provided. There are rooms for either one or two people. If the weekly rental apartment is near the center of Tokyo, it may cost 100,000 yen per month or more. If it is in the suburbs, it can cost nearly 70,000 yen per month. Rent will be calculated on a day-by-day basis, so you just pay for the days you stay there.
There are also some cheap business hotels in Japan. Single rooms are about 6,000 yen and rooms for two people are about 8,000 yen per night. Sometimes breakfast will be provided as well at this price.

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