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Search Japanese Universities to study Integrated Science. (Page 9)

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Nippon Bunri University Faculties

University of Human Environments Faculties

University Of Hyogo Faculties

Hirosaki University Faculties

Hiroshima University of Economics Faculties

Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin University Faculties

Hiroshima Shudo University Faculties

Hiroshima University Faculties

University of Fukui Faculties

Fukuoka Prefectural University Faculties

Fukuoka Insitute of Technology Faculties

Fukushima University Faculties

Bukkyo University Faculties

Bunkyo University Faculties

Beppu University Faculties

Hokkai-Gakuen University Faculties

Hokkaido University of Science Faculties

Hokkaido Information University Faculties

Hokkaido University Faculties

Mie University Faculties

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Kobe Gakuin University
Daito Bunka University
Yokohama National University
Temple University, Japan Campus
Teikyo University
Fukui University of Technology
Kansai University
Hosei University
Tokyo International University
Sophia University
Chuo University
Meiji Gakuin University
Osaka University
Rikkyo University