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Points of choosing company

When you search job, what kind of points you will pay most attention to? Have you thought about it? In the following chapter, we will introduce some of them concisely.

1. Major company or small and medium-sized businesses
To most of employees in Japan's major company, they planned to work for the same company for 30-40 years when they entered them. Therefore, in the most of the cases, from one to three years after they entered company, they won't be in charge of important business. Remembering how their predecessors and superiors work will be the biggest part of their work. Japan's major companies all have branches in the major cities over the world, especially in Asia. Therefore, the possibility of working overseas is high. Working in major company promised you stable income and well-prepared welfare. In addition, if you move to company's dormitory (single-room, or company housing for family), it doesn't cost any or cost little for rent. In fact, the substantial income will much higher.
On the other hand, small and medium-sized business asks for ready fight power. Among the vigorous competition with other companies, small and medium-sized business develops unique technique and exploits new customs. Therefore you will be asked to make an achievement as soon as possible. If you want to test your ability, working in small and medium-sized company will be good choice for you. Small and medium-sized companies are also making production foothold outside Japan, such as in China and other major cities in Asia. There are chances to work overseas. Especially in the companies which are called venture business in small and medium-sized business. In the term of salary, salary is lower compared to the case of working in major companies. However, ability or result principles are introduced, it will also be possible to get higher salary than working in major companies if achievements have been made.

2. Company with foreign capital or Japanese company
Companies in Japan which are made by foreign capital are called 'Gaishi '. Usually, Gaishi indicated companies whose head offices are in Europe or North America. Recently, Korean and Chinese companies also began to open their branches in Japan. There is a trend that Gaishi to recruit candidates with high ability and experience relating to the work positively. Gaishi also have branches in other cities other than Japan. As a result, you may be sent to other branches other than Japan even you were chosen by Japanese branch. The income Gaishi provide are quite good, however, employment contract may be cut off simply just because of the change of business principle.
As opposed to the situation in Gaishi, life long employment, the disposition in Japanese company is still strong regardless the influence of restricting. Job type, such as business, management, demands that sometimes you have to drink late with business partner and go to play golf even in Saturdays and Sundays. They are called 'Seidai' in Japan. On the other hand, job related to technical skill also asks employees work in Saturdays and Sundays to develop technique. No special allowance will be paid even you worked for long time. This kind of way to work is called 'hatarakibati ' Sometimes it is also called 'Company's warrior ' because this way to work seemed like soldiers who show their loyalty to king and devote themselves to work.

3. Working in Japan or abroad
Working place will be written on recruitment advertisement. Working in Japan includes the possibility of working in Tokyo or other city in Japan. Employees could choose working place, but they have to comply with company's decision finally. As a result, it is better to confirm branches of the companies you want to apply for. And it is also recommendable that you have prepared to working in any branch.
One of the reasons for Japanese company to give offer to foreign student is that foreign students have got used to languages and habits of Japan and their home towns. Japanese company expect the foreign students to play an important role in managing affairs between local staffs after several years foreign students have been trained in Japan. Sometimes perhaps you will be torn between Japan's head office and local staffs in term of opinion adjustment. However, this job only could be done by employees who have experience living in Japan.

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