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To Foreign Students Considering Studying in International Christian University (ICU). JAPAN STUDY SUPPORT is a website jointly operated by The Asian Students Cultural Association and Benesse Corporation. It provides information about studying in Japan.
The website also provides detailed information about International Christian University (ICU) and its faculty of Liberal Arts. Take full advantage of the site to learn everything you would like to know about International Christian University (ICU).
In addition, information for about 1,300 universities, graduate schools, two-year colleges, and vocational schools that accept foreign students is also posted.

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国際基督教大学(ICU) | International Christian University (ICU)

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ICU will have an campus visit for prospective students on Dec.18th (13:00-14:30).

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Student life support

Financial Aid and Scholarship

ICU has three broad categories of financial aid and scholarships: A) financial support students can apply for together with application for admission to ICU, B) financial support offered to students who submit applications after being accepted to the university, and C) financial support to students who submit application after being enrolled at the university.

Student Housing

Finding accommodation in Tokyo is one of the major obstacles that international students commonly face. ICU has a number of dormitories on campus that house approximately one-fifth of the student body. It also provides assistance in finding off-campus housing.

ICU consigns the introduction of Off-Campus Housing such as Apartments, Student Dormitories, and Student Apartment Houses (other than homestays) to ICU Service Co., Ltd..
ICU Service, in cooperation with the cooperative agents, makes arrangements to provide beneficial conditions to students who are looking for off-campus residences. Also, ICU Service holds consultation events on-campus together with the cooperative agents.

Educational Support

The advisor system assigns each student to a faculty member, who helps students work out a meaningful course of study and develop a specific field of concentration. The newly established Academic Planning Center also provides students support in working out their curricula.



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