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Humanities and Social Sciences/Law/Economics and Business Administration/Science

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Thông tin ngành học

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

As members of society, how should we interact with society in the real world? The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences can help you to cultivate the knowledge and thinking skills needed to be able to find answers to this kind of question. The Faculty undertakes research in a wide range of fields, including human psychology, education, languages, literature, philosophical thought, history, social studies and cultural studies, etc.
The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has 2 departments: the Department of Human and Social Sciences and the Department of Humanities. While differing in the approach taken, these 2 divisions have the same basic aims, The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences covers 12 individual fields of study; the reason for covering such a wide range of fields is the desire to help students acquire broad-ranging knowledge, as well as the ability to view phenomena from different perspectives to think from different viewpoints, and to help them cultivate the ability to make judgements.

Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law pursues “professional education that exploits the abilities in each student” as well as nurtures individuals who initiatively tackle issues in this modern society. As its policy, the Faculty also offers a well-balanced curriculum of lectures and seminars: Students will acquire the high expertise through a wide range of lectures on grounding and systematic theories in the field of law and politics given by the legal profession, and will be given a plenty of opportunities to display and discuss their views in a small group through specialized seminars.

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration offers programs in economics and business administration. The subjects covered include: macroeconomics, microeconomics, economic history, business administration, management strategy, organization management, decision-making, marketing, management sciences, accounting and financial engineering. The faculty boasts the excellent professoriate renowned for eminent research, enabling students to gain a broad and deep understanding in economics and business administration through the instructions given in small groups of students.

Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science aims to give deep understanding and knowledge in natural science, and our programs provide education in the necessary methods and logical way of thinking to explore mysteries of the natural world. Fostering broad scope and skills to approach various issues, we seek to cultivate individuals with the abilities to address social problems and constantly-changing situations in the present society from the scientific standpoints in a proper way.

The TMU Campus

The TMU Campus

Monument of the University’s Symbol

Monument of the University’s Symbol



Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences – Department of Human and Social Sciences

The social studies discipline examines the relationship between people and society from a social science perspective. It seeks to cultivate in students a broad-minded attitude towards the distinctive values that different communities have evolved, a willingness to undertake thorough fieldwork, and precise information-gathering abilities and critical thinking skills, so that they are able to address the various problems that affect contemporary society. Through the study, the Department of Human and Social Sciences nurtures students with the problem-solving skills to tackle the issues affecting people and society through social investigation and practical training.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences -Department of Humanities

The Department of Humanities encompasses a wide range of fields, including the Western classical authors of Greece and Rome, archaeology and history with their study of humanity’s past, the culture of the five major linguistic families (which have been the main source of human culture, art and literature, etc.), and the new field of cultural representation theory, which emphasizes research theory. The curriculum attaches great importance to the freedom and self-directedness which are fundamental aspects of university education, encouraging students not only to acquire knowledge in individual fields, but also to actively pursue interdisciplinary learning that straddles different fields of study, for example by combining history and philosophical thought, religion and sociology, language and culture, or temporal and spatial approaches, etc.

Faculty of Law -Department of Law, Division of Law

This division trains students interested in law and other legal professions, and develop skills for legal practice and policy-making necessary in private business and public agencies. Students are basically allowed to take courses provided in another division according to their interests, while specializing in the field of law. Some students in this division continue their studies at Law School or the Department of Law and Politics within the Graduate School of Law and Politics.

Faculty of Law -Department of Law, Division of Politics

Multifarious disciplines of politics and public administration are offered, from political history and political thought to cutting-edge quantitative analysis. Courses in constitutional and administrative law and international public law are also available. We provide a broad and well-balanced curriculum, along with the options to take courses given in the law division. Students have many opportunities to cultivate their understanding of politics and public affairs relating to present-day society, and to become qualified as ‘all-rounders’ competent in any field of the public and private sectors.

Faculty of Economics and Business Administrations -Department of Economics and Business Administrations, Business Administration Program

In the Business Administration Program, students are able to gain a broad understanding in business administration and economics through classes and seminars designed to enrich their knowledge about business firms. The goal of this course is to nurture excellent talent that will qualify students in the future as leaders in command of businesses, or as researchers in the field of business administration and economics.

Faculty of Economics and Business Administrations -Department of Economics and Business Administrations, Economics Program

The Economics Program has three featured courses: (1) systematic study of economic theories; (2) historical understanding of the development of economic activities; and (3) verification of the theories by empirical data. The aim of this program is to equip students with the capability to discern whether the present economic system is really efficient, and to seek and actualize the more affluent society.

Faculty of Science -Department of Mathematical Sciences

The Department of Mathematical Sciences covers the fundamental mathematical fields of algebra, geometry and analysis. We also offer courses in applied mathematics, focusing on discrete mathematics, computer languages, and application such as cryptography

Faculty of Science -Department of Physics

Physics helps students recognize that the world is governed by beautiful laws and is full of fresh surprises. We welcome anyone with a strong interest in the problems of Physics.

Faculty of Science -Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry has established three research programs in inorganic and analytical chemistries, organic chemistry and biochemistry, and physical chemistry. The graduate school cultivates researchers and engineers with advanced knowledge in cutting-edge fields of chemistry together with a comprehensive sense.

Faculty of Science -Department of Biological Sciences

Our aim is to study and research in basic biology and life science. These fields are moving forward rapidly, and making their way into applications in medical science, agriculture, and environmental science. We also offer full undergraduate biology program taught in English.

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