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Faculty of International Studies

■Meiji Gakuin University carries out a foreign student examination for foreigners.
For the details, please visit the following Web site.
■Only the department of Global and Transcultural Studies,it offers especially application methods.
For the details, please visit the following Web site.

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Thông tin ngành học

Early leader in International Studies

Since its creation in 1986, the Faculty of International Studies has pioneered a multidisciplinary approach to international studies. The Faculty consists of two departments: Department of International Studies; Department of Global and Transcultural Studies. It welcomes students with a strong desire to play an active role in today’s globalizing society.

The Faculty of International Study’s Unique Study Abroad Programs

In the Faculty of International Studies, we encourage students to participate in study abroad and off-campus training programs in order to enrich the specialized knowledge gained in lessons and seminars.
We offer a double degree program where students may earn undergraduate degrees from both Meiji Gakuin University and San Francisco State University, as well as seminar-related off-campus training, field studies and overseas internships.
In addition, students can study abroad for six months or one year at partner universities all over the world.
There are abundant opportunities for international exchange at our Yokohama Campus.

Internship Programs at the Faculty of International Studies.

The Faculty has developed its own internships in order to foster international perspectives and vital skills that students will need after they finish college. These programs not only stress practical experience, but a faculty-guided, systematic learning process before and after the actual internship.
Internships include Japanese language teaching assistantships (5 months); business internships in Hong Kong (4 weeks). There are also a variety of internships with businesses, NGOs, and NPOs in Japan.

Two-way Communication in English

Two-way Communication in English

‎Students in the Faculty of International Studies

‎Students in the Faculty of International Studies

Internship in Thailand

Internship in Thailand

Department of International Studies
Learning and Experiencing the Breadth of International Affairs

The Department’s global approach to studying politics, economics, and social issues prepares educated individuals who will contribute to world peace.

【A multi-disciplinary approach to international studies】
The Department’s well-balanced curriculum reflects the faculty’s expertise in fields ranging from cultural studies and economics to law and politics.

【A Substantial Program for English Skills Training】
The Department has implemented a graduated program for teaching English skills that prepares students for their academic activities. Many students subsequently build upon the efficacy of this program to further develop their language abilities.

【Small-group Instruction Through Seminars】
In their first year, students join “Introductory Seminars” to develop fundamental study skills. From their second year, they join upper-level seminars with 10 or more other students. In these small classes, they extensively explore a specific topic through discussions and debates with the faculty leader and fellow students.

【An Experiential Approach to International issues】
In the Department’s “Field Studies” Program, faculty and students develop through personal experience an “international sense” for world issues by going on short-term study trips to Europe, America, Africa and many other parts the world.

Department of Global and Transcultural Studies (GTS)
Your Passport to the World

The GTS Department brings together students with diverse backgrounds into an international learning environment. The program trains students to acquire the following qualities and abilities: strong multi-cultural communication skills based on their ability to use English; multi-disciplinary perspectives for a better understanding of modern social issues; and practical skills required for taking an active role in resolving modern problems.

【All Courses Taught Entirely in English】

Even thought a student’s first language may not be English, the Academic English Program (AEP) gives all students the skills they need for their academic training. They can then choose from an expanding range of courses in English as they progress through the program.

【A Thorough Implementation of Small-group Instruction Methods】
The GTS Department stresses small-group methods of instruction. Not only do the faculty and students study issues in depth, they are also able to utilize interactive teaching styles in a truly international environment. From the first year, this focus on the small-group format lays the foundation for interactive communication between teachers and students.

【An Emphasis on Career Development】
The GTS Department assigns academic advisers who help students to tailor a systematic and effective study program that meets their interests and needs. In addition, in the “Life and Career Design” course that is available in the first year, students are given ample opportunity to consider future career paths and goals.

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