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To Foreign Students Considering Studying in Tokyo Metropolitan University. JAPAN STUDY SUPPORT is a website jointly operated by The Asian Students Cultural Association and Benesse Corporation. It provides information about studying in Japan.
The website also provides detailed information about Tokyo Metropolitan University and its faculties of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Urban Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Systems Design, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Faculty of Science, and Faculty of Health Sciences. Take full advantage of the site to learn everything you would like to know about Tokyo Metropolitan University.
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Faculty of Science

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Faculty information

Confronting the mysteries of nature without fear of failure

  The Faculty of Science aims to give deep understanding and know ledge in natural science, and our programs provide education in the necessary methods and logical way of thinking. Broad scope and ability to solve various problems will be fostered. With these basic skills and abilities in science, the faculty aims to cultivate individuals who can address social problems and new situations in a proper way.

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Discovering the pleasures of mathematics in a full-fledged learning environment

  The Department of Mathematical Sciences covers the fundamental mathematical fields of algebra, geometry, analysis. We also offer courses in applied mathematics, focusing on discrete mathematics, computer languages, and application such as cryptography.

Department of Physics
Striving to clarify the fundamental laws behind all natural phenomena

  Physics helps students recognize that the world is governed by beautiful laws and is full of fresh surprises. We welcome anyone with a strong interest in the problems of physics.

Department of Chemistry
Gaining a deep understanding of molecules to become an explorer in the vast field of chemistry

  The Department of Chemistry has established three research programs in inorganic and analytical chemistries, organic chemistry and biochemistry, and physical chemistry. The graduate school cultivates researchers and engineers with advanced knowledge in cutting-edge fields of chemistry together with a comprehensive sense.

Department of Biological Sciences
Developing research skills through experiments and independent research

  Our aim is to study and research in basic biology and life science. These fields are moving forward rapidly, and making their way into applications in medical science, agriculture, and environmental science. We offer full undergraduate biology program taught in English.

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