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Search Japanese Graduate schools in Tokyo. | JPSS, the information site of st...

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International students that come to study in Tokyo will find themselves immersed in beneficial knowledge daily by living in a global capital of our modern, information-based society. Many world-famous universities can be found throughout the 23 wards of Tokyo, and they offer boundless opportunities for international students. Another point to consider is the available career support and wide selection of many major companies in Tokyo. Many students choose Tokyo to make the most of their studies in Japan and have a truly global experience. As it has always been, any company, whether Japanese or international, will always seek out the best and brightest. Your learning and experiences as an international student in Tokyo will equip you with the skills to take your place as a leader at the forefront of our global society.

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Tokyo City University

Tokyo City University Graduate school

Graduate School of Integrative Science and Engineering Nurturing leaders of engineering able to meet societal needs and requirements is the ultimate goal of the Graduate School of Integrative Scie...
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Atomi University Research courseList

Otsuma Women's University Research courseList

Ohara Graduate School of Accounting Research courseList

Ochanomizu University Research courseList

Kaetsu University Research courseList

Gakushuin Women's College Research courseList

Gakushuin University Research courseList

Kyoritsu Women's University Research courseList

Kunitachi College of Music Research courseList

Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University Research courseList

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Kogakuin University Research courseList

Kokugakuin University Research courseList

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Niigata University of Health and Welfare
International University of Japan
Tokyo City University
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