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Introduction of Studies Information Science

Information Science

Studying methods of utilizing information by using computers.

Information Science involves the research of information based on mathematical knowledge and the fundamentals of logic. It developed out of studies in areas of applied mathematics such as probability theory, statistics, and optimization methods. This field of study will only grow in importance as the role of computers continues to grow in our modern, advanced information-based society.

Universities that offer these studies include...

首都大学東京 | Tokyo Metropolitan University

  Tokyo Metropolitan University(TMU) is the o...

Tokyo Metropolitan University

大阪教育大学 | Osaka Kyoiku University

Osaka Kyoiku University has over 140 years of h...

Osaka Kyoiku University

東京都市大学 | Tokyo City University

A university is a place that gives you the wing...

Tokyo City University

東京理科大学 | Tokyo University of Science

Founding Principle: “Building a Better Future ...

Tokyo University of Science

桜美林大学 | J. F. Oberlin University

● What kind of school is J. F. Oberlin Universi...

J. F. Oberlin University

武蔵野大学 | Musashino University

Musashino University is an institute with a ric...

Musashino University

津田塾大学 | Tsuda University

Tsuda University is a private institution of hi...

Tsuda University

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