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Dành cho các bạn đang có dự định du học trường Tama Art University. JAPAN STUDY SUPPORT là trang thông tin về du học Nhật Bản dành cho du học sinh nước ngoài, được đồng vận hành bởi Hiệp hội Asia Gakusei Bunka và Công ty cổ phần Benesse Corporation. Trang này đăng các thông tin Ngành Art and Design của Tama Art University cũng như thông tin chi tiết về từng ngành học, nên nếu bạn đang tìm hiểu thông tin du học liên quan tới Tama Art University thì hãy sử dụng trang web này.Ngoài ra còn có cả thông tin của khoảng 1.300 trường đại học, cao học, trường đại học ngắn hạn, trường chuyên môn đang tiếp nhận du học sinh.

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  • Art and Design

Art and Design

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Thông tin ngành học

Faculty of Art and Design Educational Goals

In addition to the common subjects, which give students a rich understanding of core areas, students also take specialist subjects to hone high-level skills in one of the 15 affiliated departments. PBL (Project Based Learning) courses, joint overseas projects and industry-academia-government collaboration also help in our goal to cultivate excellent artists and creators that can contribute to, and give a new value to, our society.



Holding public presentations

Holding public presentations

Art Studio

Art Studio

Thông tin Du học sinh của trường (theo niên khóa)

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Hàn quốc117
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Hồng kông2
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Các nước khác5
Japanese Painting Course
Developing individual, free-spirited creativity and spreading the new possibilities of Japanese art around the globe.

Under the philosophy of freedom, this course creates artists who are bold in their creativeness, with graduates in a wide range of careers such as picture book illustrators, publishing, video game creation and animation.

Oil Painting Course
This course explores various theories and techniques, ranging from oil painting through to 3D and performance and aims to create talented individuals who challenge themselves with novel and timeless artistic creations.

The Oil Painting Course at Tama Art University boasts the largest numbers of any such course in Japan, and has been at the forefront of the oil painting movement since the university’s founding. This course has produced great numbers of talented individuals capable of demonstrating artistic creativity beyond established concepts, continuing to contribute new value to society.

Graphic Arts Course
Students learn printmaking as a variety of replicated media expressions that transverses art and design, exploring new expressions to correspond to the current digital age.

The broad curriculum, which covers subjects from traditional printmaking through to photography, picture books and digital expression, has lead to careers in design, artistry and a variety of other industries.

Department of Sculpture
This course offers students free use of 30 big and small workshops in any of the six sculpture buildings, as it nurtures talented artists with new expressions and styles that unite both traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

While fostering the skills to create structures in three dimensions, this course aims to nurture the next generation of artists who use their unique perspective and ability to challenge new and timeless artistic possibilities to create new value for society.

Department of Ceramics, Glass and Metal Works.
Creating things out of different materials is the origin of art and design. This department aims for students to work with materials such as ceramics, glass and metals to hone an expressiveness and creativity that can be used out in the real world.

Through the integration of materials, techniques, the handling of different materials, and the development of a sensibility, students in this department acquire the abilities of ‘making things’ and ‘expression through things’. Through a curriculum that explores aspects of crafts that have changed through the ages in both theoretical and technical terms, students acquire the roots of creatively making things, a foundation skill-set that transcends all artistic genres.

Department of Graphic Design
Nurturing the next generation of creators, highly talented and with strong problem-solving skills.

With a systematic curriculum focusing on figuring out what it really means to study design at an art university, this department aims to cultivate the next generation of talented creators, with strong problem solving skills, a clear vision and rich and varied modeling techniques.

Product Design Course
Learning about design that supports people's daily lives. Fostering independent, world-class designers.

Product design refers to the design of all sorts of things that help support and sustain people’s daily lives, including automobiles, home appliances, audio equipment, cellular phones, furniture, sports gear, toys, cosmetics and food products etc. This course has produced numerous talented designers whose designs have reached across the globe.

Textile Design Course
Fostering future leaders who use their understanding of textiles from different societies around the globe to be successful on an international level.

The applicability of the field of textile design continues to expand beyond the mundane realms of fashion and interior design and fiber materials are today used for all kinds of purposes, ranging from car interiors, industrial and medical materials, to materials related to space development. This course nurtures talented human resources active in a wide variety of fields, including the apparel and interior design industries, car manufacturers, designers of stage art, artists, textile designers and researchers.

Department of Architecture and Environmental Design
Focusing on the concept of designing ‘spaces’, students study across the three fields of interior design, architecture and landscaping, acquiring the skills to utilize their knowledge and technical skills out in the real world.

Through a design curriculum defined by ‘spaces’, including furniture and interiors, residential houses, architecture, parks and cities etc., this course combines engineering and art to equip students with structural knowledge and technical design skills that can be used in an array of careers.

Art and Media Course
Developing exciting new-age media and nurturing leaders in art, society and culture.

Students acquire essential knowledge in a wide range of fields, from entertainment to art. This course has produced talented individuals at the forefront of software and web design, media artists and filmmakers.

Information Design Course
From books to the Internet, nurturing a new age of creators in Information Science & Design.

Students study the three areas of “experiential design”, designing the activities and experiences of people engaged with information, “social design”, the design of connecting people with society, and “media design”, creating a relationship between information and media. This course has produced talented individuals working in areas such as IT information services, web design and gaming.

Department of Art Studies
Connecting art and society through the concepts of ‘create’, ‘think’ and ‘transmit’.

This department aims to foster talented individuals who can communicate the value and appeal of art to the world, learning the importance of ‘create’, ‘think’ and ‘transmit’ and using it in jobs such as curators, editors, art historians, critics and art producers.

Department of Integrated Design
Discernment and realization abilities for a prosperous future.

This department utilizes a cross-sectional curriculum in graphic, product and information design, etc., to train skilled designers who can sense the various issues of our increasingly complicated society and ultimately work out ways to solve them.

Drama and Dance Course
Nurturing talented individuals capable of supporting the future of performing arts as directors, choreographers, or creative and original dancers.

In the 1st and 2nd years students take a mix of theater and dance classes to acquire basic body expression skills. In the 3rd year students choose either ‘dance expression’ or ‘stage art’, further honing their specialist skills. In addition to fostering the rich expressiveness required to be a performer, the course also gives students an overall knowledge of production, including dramatography, directing and choreography.

Scenography Design
This course teaches students specialist areas such as stage art, imagery, lighting and costumes etc., fostering advanced comprehensive skills required for work in theater, television, movies and concerts.

In the 1st and 2nd years, students acquire the foundation skills required for space design, honing basic creativity skills such as depiction and color composition. Students also attend actual theater and drama production sites, helping to enhance practical understanding and sense of theatrical expression. From the 3rd year students have seminar classes dedicated to experience-based lessons focusing on stage, film art, lighting and costumes.

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