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School Details Kansai Kokusai Gakuin | Programs for study abroad in a languag...

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Kansai Kokusai Gakuin  Japanese Language School /Osaka

 School Characteristic

Kansai Kokusai Gakuin, authorized by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education, is located in the heart of Osaka city. Osaka is the second biggest city in Japan and is also a prosperous business gateway to the world. Since our foundation, we have provided Japanese language education for non-Japanese speakers for over 25 years. With our original teaching materials and proven teaching methods by 15 teachers and staff, many of our graduates have successfully enrolled in Japanese universities for undergraduate and master's programs. Upon completing their studies from Japanese universities and KKG, students have found employment in large Japanese companies in Japan or in their home country.

Long Term course :  First year JPY738,000. Second year JPY668,000. 
Short Term course :  JPY180,000 for 3 months. 

JPY45,000 per month for 1 person.
JPY25,000 per month for 2 persons.

 Test and Interview Time and Place


 Location (Address)

Post code 543-0002
3-2-23 Ueshio, Tennouji-ku Osaka Japan

 Tel. / Fax

Tel : 0081-6-6773-0186 Fax : 0081-6-6773-0188


 Number of Slots for New Student Enrollment and Number of Enrolled Students

Capacity 180, Now 42 persons

 Nationality Distribution of Current Students

China 60%, VietNam 20%, Korea 10%, Europe and the United States 5%, Others 5%

 % of Graduating Students Going to Institutes of Higher Education

Osaka University, Kobe University, Tezukayama University, Osaka international University, Others.