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2017/02/09 Digital Hollywood University Digital Communications ข่าวสารสถาบันการศึกษา

[Digital Hollywood University]
DHU Prep Course 2017 Application
DHU Preparation Course is designed to provide international students with appropriate preparation to enroll in the undergraduate program at Digital Hollywood University after completing the 6-month course. This 6-months preparation course also helps students culturally adapt to university life in Japan, meet other students and make new friends.
DHU Preparation Course allows students to take Japanese classes and basic specialized subjects, and earn roughly 14 credits in 6 months. Credits earned during this preparation course shall be transferred as graduation credits when students enroll to bachelor’s course at Digital Hollywood University.

Application Period: 1 Feb - 30 Apr 2017
Examination Overseas:
・Indonesia : May 11, 2017
・Vietnam : (to be confirmed)
・China : (to be confirmed)

For more information regarding application procedures, please contact us at

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