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Essential information | Koriyama Joho Business Collge | JPSS, for information...

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Professional training collegeFukushima

郡山情報ビジネス専門学校 | Koriyama Joho Business Collge

JO-BI surely connects you to the special school society that connects "Work (JOB)" and "[Watashi] (i)".

What are your "Work that does" and "Myself who wants to become it"?Because it is JO-BI, it is necessary to be able to do. Make it only to JO-BI. JO-BI that receives year 27 in this year assists in the future that you draw by a lot of results and the supports.

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Essential information

Address and inquiries
1-12-2 ekimae, Koriyama,Fukushima,Japan

Telephone number: ”+81-24-941-1110”    Fax number: ”+81-24-922-4167”
Inquiry e-mail:
Registered international students (by year)
2010 year

China 0 / Taiwan 0 / Hong Kong 0 / Indonesia 0 / Others 0

Information of entrance exam for international students
International student general entrance exam

Application period 29-Mar
Selection process Documentary examination and interview

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