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Fukushima is the third-largest prefecture in Japan in terms of land area. While it is considered part of the northeast Tohoku region, it is at the southernmost part of that area, and serves to link Tokyo and the Kanto region with the north of Japan. International students that come to study in Fukushima will find that there are both warm and cool climates in the prefecture, and it is not uncommon to have temperature differences of 5 degrees or more between the coastal areas and elevated mountainous regions. Fukushima also has more than 10 nature parks and their natural beauty will leave a lasting impression on international students that come and enjoy all the prefecture has to offer.

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Koriyama Joho Business Collge

JO-BI surely connects you to the special school society that connects "Work (JOB)" and "[Watashi] (i)".

What are your "Work that does" and "Myself who wants to become it"?Because it is JO-BI, it is necessary to be able to do. Make it only to JO-BI. JO-BI that receives year 27 in t...
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Koriyama Joho Business Collge Faculties

International Art & Design College

Your imagination creates the world.

Sensibility education NO1・Only1.It guides it to the professional according to the first class lecturer. The specialist that becomes the nucleus of social activation in the art, the design, [enta...
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International Art & Design College Faculties

International Beauty & Fashon College

We develope attractive learning style linking beauty between fashion.

BF is a professional school in 'Koriyama City' where is a center city of Fukushima.We aspire to become a professional that can propose not only fashion ,not only beauty but also the total...
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International Beauty & Fashon College Faculties

International Medical Technology College

Alive is supported by the mind of affection.

We develop medical specialists who not only have top-level skills and knowledge, but also believe in the concept of caring for others from the bottom of their hearts.
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International Medical Technology College Faculties

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