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Introduction of Studies Information Engineering

Information Engineering

Studying the hardware and software of computers.

Research in the field of computer science covers hardware design and manufacturing, software development, and technological applications of computers. Study in computer science covers a wide range of fields. As computers are systems that take information and converts it into electricity, physical sciences such as circuit logic is studied, which are then applied in other fields of electrical, electronic, and communications engineering. Research in software development concerns deepening understanding of algorithms (the logical systems of programs). Also, psychological and physiological knowledge of human capacity for thinking, problem-solving, recognition and learning is essential for development with human usability in mind. For these reasons computer science is sometimes described as a comprehensive field of engineering. Computers have become so much more than simple calculators. The development of computers that resemble the human mind has been a constant theme of computer science research.

Universities that offer these studies include...

東京理科大学 | Tokyo University of Science

Founding Principle: “Building a Better Future ...

Tokyo University of Science

東京都市大学 | Tokyo City University

A university is a place that gives you the wing...

Tokyo City University

上智大学 | Sophia University

Founded by the Jesuits in 1913 and placed in th...

Sophia University

名古屋大学 | Nagoya University

Nagoya University (NU) was first founded in 187...

Nagoya University

福井工業大学 | Fukui University of Technology

Committed to nurturing competent engineers capa...

Fukui University of Technology

首都大学東京 | Tokyo Metropolitan University

  Tokyo Metropolitan University(TMU) is the o...

Tokyo Metropolitan University

早稲田大学 | Waseda University

In today’s increasingly global society, people ...

Waseda University

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