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Introduction of Studies Chemistry


Actively researching changes and reactions which occur in materials.

Chemistry is the study and research of the structures and properties of substances, as well as of the changes and reactions that occur between different substances. Experimentation and laboratory work are essential parts of those research processes. Some of the primary activities in the study of chemistry include the analysis of solid and liquid substances at the atomic and molecular levels to determine their properties in “Physical Chemistry”, the research of biological substances such as proteins and nucleic acids as well as enzymatic and biological reactions in “Biological Chemistry”, and study in other fields such as “Inorganic Chemistry”, “Organic Chemistry”, and “Analytical Chemistry”. There is currently research underway at the frontiers of each of these fields. For example, the liquid crystals used in the digital displays of watches and cellular phones are being developed as functional materials for use in other applications, such as in the absorbent polymers of disposable diapers. Chemistry also plays a major role in addressing environmental problems. For example, research is underway for the development of fertilizers that do not harm the environment. Study in chemistry and the other physical sciences pushes the boundaries of human understanding at the cutting edge of research and development through an ongoing process of trial and error. In chemistry research, it is important to have the mindset to search for answers within areas that have yet to be explained.

Universities that offer these studies include...

桜美林大学 | J. F. Oberlin University

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J. F. Oberlin University

上智大学 | Sophia University

Founded by the Jesuits in 1913 and placed in th...

Sophia University

首都大学東京 | Tokyo Metropolitan University

  Tokyo Metropolitan University(TMU) is the o...

Tokyo Metropolitan University

日本大学 | Nihon University

Nihon Law University, the predecessor of Nihon ...

Nihon University

早稲田大学 | Waseda University

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Waseda University

立教大学 | Rikkyo University

Rikkyo University started its history in 1874 a...

Rikkyo University

青山学院大学 | Aoyama Gakuin University

Aoyama Gakuin University, since its founding at...

Aoyama Gakuin University

大阪大学 | Osaka University

Osaka University continues to renew itself, bre...

Osaka University

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