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Social Sciences

Application guideline of English-Based Undergraduate programs

Please be informed that we have released the application guidelines in English program for September 2018 entry.

School of Political Science and Economics : English-based Degree Program

School of Social Science : Transnational and interdisciplinary Studies in Social Innovation

Faculty of Science and Engineering : International Program

School of Culture, Media and Society : Global Studies in Japanese Cultures Program

Schools of International Liberal Studies


New English-based Master’s degree program will be launched in the area of Sport Sciences!

Waseda University Graduate School of Sport Sciences is proud to announce that an English-based two-year master’s degree program with two areas of specialization, “Health and Exercise Science” and “Sport Management,” starts in September, 2018. Application guideline will be scheduled to be posted to our website, in December 2017.

This new program is designed to expose students to advanced knowledge in each area of specialization and exciting research opportunities in the field and/or laboratory setting. With the completion of course work and research, graduates will be prepared to apply their knowledge and experience to improve the health and wellness of their community, pursue their professional career and contribute to the world of sport sciences in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic-Paralympic Games and beyond.

Please check the following URL.

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Thông tin ngành học

Overview of the School

The School of Social Sciences at Waseda University was established in 1966 as a new endeavor that would allow students to study the social sciences in a comprehensive and interdisciplinary manner. In order to take advantage of this interdisciplinary tradition, and to contribute to growth of the school in the future, we have prepared an unparalleled program that is both comprehensive and specialized. By fostering the ability to accurately grasp and analyze complex societal problems and formulate solutions for them, we seek to nurture large-scale thinkers who can independently construct big-picture schemes for the benefit of society.

TAISI (Social Innovation) Program (English Language Program)

The TAISI (Transnational And Interdisciplinary studies in Social Innovation) program, is an English-based degree program of the School of Social Sciences.
The TAISI programs hopes to train students to become social innovators who aim to identify and confront a central issue facing global society, find a solution, and in cooperation with those around them make the solution into reality. In this program, students will learn about contemporary Japanese society and look at domestic and international events from the Japanese perspective.
Using this knowledge and the practical experiences gained through fieldwork, we hope to create graduates who can take the comprehensive and interdisciplinary knowledge they gained and redefine it in the international context in order to find solutions for social issues such as poverty, conflict, economic disparity, environmental degradation, community collapse, and natural disasters.

Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Innovation (The Four Fields)
In TAISI, students gain specialized and interdisciplinary knowledge in one of the following four fields. Along with their studies in the social sciences, humanities, and the natural sciences, students will learn about existing frameworks of thoughts and institutions and develop the ability to look at and find new ways to solve social issues.

[Program Features]
- Fieldwork-focused, "Practical" approach to social issues

- Building general competence in Social Innovation and specializing in one of four fields

- Investigating social issues from the Japanese point of view

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