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Urban Life Studies

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Faculty information

Objectives for the Cultivation of Human Resources and Our Education and Research Programs

Our objective is to train human resources who can envision and plan for the needs of urban residents and then have the practical skills to implement plans, carry out projects and manage operations for the realization of appealing and sustainable urban life.
Students will pursue a new generation of urban development studies based on the new concept of "urban life" with a focus on 4 fields: urban lifestyles, urban management, urban design, and urban mechanisms. Through these studies, students will acquire a broad range of skills useful in the real world, including understanding residents' needs, planning, project promotion, and management and operations.

Educational Philosophy and Systems

The educational philosophy of the Faculty of Urban Life Studies is based on the goal of creating lifestyles within cities and considering urban lifestyles in a business context. Students in the faculty carry out studies and research for acquiring the capacity to envision and plan for the needs of city residents related to urban spaces, trade, and services, and then have the practical skills to implement plans, carry out projects and manage operations. To these ends students shall apply engineering and artistic methodologies (in terms of both technology and design), which are in turn based on social (residential and market) methodologies branching out of studies in commerce and business that take urban lifestyles into consideration.

Acquisition of Business Skills

Computer literacy has become an essential business skill. In the Faculty of Urban Life Studies, all students are required to have a notebook computer. Students will learn fundamental computer operations and concepts, then proceed to learn how to use computer-aided design (CAD) software, draft studies and designs, and use computers in presentations. These skills will aid students in whatever field they choose to study in.

Project Experiences

In their 1st and 2nd years, students rigorously study and learn IT skills and the fundamentals of social sciences. From their 3rd year, students take part in experiential, practical "project seminars" to deepen specialization in a field of their choice. Then, in their 4th year, students carry out their graduation research. This curriculum has been carefully crafted to make the most of 4 years of study for broadening the future prospects of all students.

Fieldwork both in Japan and Abroad

It is 4 minutes by train from Todoroki to Jiyugaoka, and then 9 minutes from Jiyugaoka to Shibuya. Daikanyama, a neighborhood popular with young people, is only another 2 minutes from there. The ideal location of the Todoroki Campus provides experiential opportunities for learning through fieldwork in the surrounding urban landscapes. Students can learn by experiencing the scenery, building designs, environments, and fashions of the city. Research trips to urban areas across Asia and Europe are also offered.

Faculty members who are at the forefront of urban design

Faculty members include professionals who are active at the forefront of urban design. The faculty has introduced a system with small classes of approximately 10 students, with 1 faculty member assigned to be in charge of each class. Experts who have contributed to the redevelopment of Odaiba, Tokyo Midtown, and the Maru no Uchi district use their rich career experiences to provide real-world lessons and guidance.

Registered international students (by year)

Department of Urban Life Studies
Students will carry out research in 4 fields to uncover essential aspects of cities: urban lifestyles, urban management, urban design, and urban mechanisms.

When one examines a city from a scientific perspective, its essence becomes evident in aspects such as the lifestyles, business, communications, cultures, and leisure activities of its people. In the Faculty of Urban Life Studies, education and research is carried out in 4 fields with the goals of solving social problems facing cities and realizing sustainable, valuable urban lifestyles. Students will learn to plan, implement, and manage spaces, products, and services related to urban environments.

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