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Facility guide | Economics | Teikyo University | JPSS for international students

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帝京大学 | Teikyo University

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Facility guide

Students' lives are supported by the latest facilities and equipment.

Soratio Square is the new school building at the Hachioji Campus. Completed in May 2015, it has 22 stories with an additional 2 floors below ground. In addition to general-use classrooms, there are various practice rooms such as music rooms and simulation classrooms, active learning classrooms, and group study rooms that support the learning goals of students. There is also a women-only lounge and a university museum.

Cross-cultural exchange space “Ouchi Commons”

The Ouchi Commons opened in April 2021 as a hub for cross-cultural exchange on campus.
Students can use the area freely, for personal study or as a space to communicate with each other.
The area is built in the image of a Japanese-style house, in the hope that international students leaving their home countries to come here and study will come to think of the Ouchi Commons as a kind of comforting home away from home. The detailed zones are drawn from the different areas you might see in a Japanese home, such as a tea-ceremony area and a Japanese porch area, providing spaces that can be used in different situations to suit various communication styles and needs.
The space is used to hold many international exchange events, such as a Japanese language lounge and other events.

The Media Library Center contains a large collection of books and media materials.

The university's collection has a full range of materials dedicated to academic studies, including 620,000 volumes, DVDs and other media resources, and magazines and newspapers. The media lounge in the basement floor is a bright, open space that encourages exchanges among students. On the multimedia floor, over 200 computers are available for students' free use, such as for preparing reports and browsing the internet.

Student cafeterias feature an extensive menu.

There are three cafeterias on campus serving fresh-made food. The popular bakery corner offers a lineup that changes with the seasons. The university also offers 100-yen breakfasts to students to help improve their daily routine and maintain their health. Students can choose 2 side dishes from among 4 that change each day along with rice and miso soup.

The new school building Soratio Square offers the latest facilities and equipment for supporting students' daily lives.

Cross-cultural exchange space "OUCHI COMMONS"

Student cafeterias feature an extensive menu.

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