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新潟食料農業大学 | Niigata Agro-Food University

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Agro-Food Industry

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Facility guide

Study the frontiers of food and agricultural business

 Niigata Campus
Designated as a national strategic special zone, Niigata city is a hub for large-scale agricultural reform. Students will study leading-edge food and agricultural matters in a Japanese agricultural reform hub that is working towards resolving issues in the food and agricultural fields, such as how to: realize high-value added agricultural commodities; increase agricultural earnings; strengthen the development, processing, and sales of products; and resolve the problem of deserted arable land.

Study advanced and traditional food and agriculture

 Tainai Campus
Tainai City has mountains, rivers, plains and the sea—all the elements required in the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Industry—and can even be called a microcosm of hills and valleys.
In addition, Tainai proactively addresses the development of the region’s special industries, such as its rice flour products.
Students can learn about the traditions of food and agriculture in Tainai, which emphasizes regional revitalization through distinctive agriculture and food product processing.

Acquire practical skills with the latest learning instruments and facilities.

Advanced research is possible at the Tainai Campus, with state-of-the-art practical tools and equipment in place to study food and agriculture.
The latest instruments have been installed in the practical laboratories and analysis rooms in each of our research buildings to deepen research in all specialized fields. There are also rice paddies, fields, and plastic and glass greenhouses to enable practical learning in organic cultivation and horticulture.

Temperature, humidity, and nutrients can be maintained during crop cultivation.
Even in Niigata, which is located in snow country, we can continue research and practical learning in a stable environment without any concerns for the effects of the weather.

 Trace component analysis lab
Instrumentation is set-up to analyze the nutrients, microorganisms, and DNA found mainly in the moisture or soil in food products and agricultural crops.
In particular, an instrument known as a real-time PCR apparatus can measure the amount of DNA, allowing us to undertake advanced research in the food and agricultural areas on bacteria and viruses, gene modification, and contamination by foreign matters.

 Student Lounge
No.1 for scenery!
Students can relax in this space while looking out over the Sea of Japan.
Desks come equipped with electrical outlets, making it the perfect environment for report writing.

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