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Human Science

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Faculty information

Nurturing individuals who will build a warm future with a clear focus and an open heart.

In the Faculty of Human Science, we are creating future leaders with advanced expertise, and aim to cultivate students rich in humanity and with sound and sociable personalities in our five departments: the Department of Health and Nutrition, the Department of Physical Therapy, the Department of Occupational Therapy, the Department of Nursing, and the Department of Child Development.
Together with the knowledge, techniques, principles, and methods learned at university, practical experience in the field is imperative to equip students with advanced expertise.
Our university collaborates with many off-campus practical facilities and leaders to enrich the extramural practical work required for professional training.

Cultivating the kind of leaders demanded for practicing team medical care.

Team medical care aims to provide better healthcare services with client-centered comprehensive care systems in which all staff involved in treatment can exchange opinions on equal terms to actualize the best healthcare.
Communication and insight are the keys to accurately identifying the client’s condition, and the Faculty of Human Science focusses on cultivating such skills in our students.

Department of Health and Nutrition
Cultivating registered dietitians with advanced specialized knowledge in both food dietetics and human nutrition.

Continuing with the school founder Professor Tsuruoka’s desire to improve the diet of the people of Hokkaido, this program has been designed to train registered dietitians with advanced expert knowledge.
Students who complete the required credits in the Department of Health and Nutrition are eligible to sit the National Examination for Registered Dietitians.
We focus our efforts on increasing students’ capabilities to reach the passing level of the National Examination for Registered Dietitians and supporting the training of personnel who can contribute to society as Registered Dietitians upon graduation.

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Potential Qualifications
Bachelor’s Degree (Health and Nutrition)
Qualified to take the National Examination for Registered Dietitians
Dietitian’s License
Diet and Nutrition Teacher’s License (Type 1)
Food Sanitation Inspector (Employment Qualification)
Food Sanitation Supervisor (Employment Qualification)
Food Sanitation Officer (Application Qualification)

Career Prospects and Potential Work Facilities
Public healthcare centers
Municipal health centers
Hospitals and healthcare facilities
Welfare institutions
Elementary schools and junior high schools
School lunch operating companies
Nursery schools
Food companies
Pharmaceutical companies
Research institutes

Department of Physical Therapy
In pursuit of sympathetic rehabilitation.

Here, we are training physical therapists who are equipped with a broad education and expert knowledge and skills in the field of physical therapy. Our physical therapists will be trained to offer their clients support while taking into consideration the client’s feelings and environment.
With the latest in facilities, early morning clinical training, and a team of faculty members with extensive experience in clinical settings to provide study support, we are equipping our students with greater specialized knowledge and techniques.

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Potential Qualifications
Bachelor’s Degree (Physical Therapy)
Qualified to take the National Examination for Physical Therapists

Career Prospects and Potential Work Facilities
General hospitals
Long-term care health facilities
Rehabilitation centers
Welfare facilities for the aged
Home care support centers
Further education (Post-graduate studies, related international organizations)

Department of Occupational Therapy
Students study the rationale for occupational therapy, based on strong fundamental skills.

This program is designed to systematically train occupational therapists who can use the knowledge and skills acquired through foundation and specialized subjects to help people with physical or mental disabilities improve functionally and psychologically.
Our teaching team has extensive experience in supporting clients from various scenarios, including clients with physical disabilities, mental and development issues, high-order brain dysfunction, and older-aged clients. As we aim for a 100% pass rate on the National Examination for Occupational Therapists, our teachers impart their extensive practical knowledge to students and incorporate study strategies for passing the exam from the time students enter this program.

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Potential Qualifications
Bachelor’s Degree (Occupational Therapy)
Qualified to take the National Examination for Occupational Therapists

Career Prospects and Potential Work Facilities
Rehabilitation hospitals
Mental health institutions
Rehabilitation centers
Development support centers
Long-term health care facilities
Further education (Graduate schools, related overseas institutions)

Department of Nursing
Providing education that promotes deep humanity and creativity based on an understanding of human dignity.

In this department, we elicit the competence of our students to be effective in a wide variety of situations. In addition to gaining knowledge to pass the National Nursing Examination, students will be equipped with practical nursing abilities and in-depth understanding to care for various client situations.
Through exchange with medically advanced countries and technological support of developing countries, we are cultivating personnel who can manage global medical cooperation.
Hands-on learning is very important for our students and our facilities are fully equipped with practical training rooms for students to acquire advanced technical skills and work towards becoming medical technicians.

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Potential Qualifications
Bachelor’s Degree (Nursing)
Qualified to take the National Nursing Examination

Career Prospects and Potential Work Facilities
General hospitals
Health clinics
Intensive care homes for the elderly
Elderly healthcare facilities
Home-visit nurse stations
Community general support centers
Midwife training courses
Public Nurse training courses
Nursing Teacher training courses

Department of Child Development
Developing practical skills while gaining a deeper understanding of children.

In this program, students will learn how to interact with children and acquire the knowledge and skills required to help them to grow optimally.
This course is designed to train professionals who are able to provide educational guidance to support the development of infants, pre-school children and primary school pupils, as well as specialized support to kindergarten pupils and other young children with intellectual or physical disabilities and illnesses.
Graduates can gain qualifications as kindergarten and qualified nursery teachers, as well as elementary school and special needs teacher’s licenses.

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Potential Qualifications
Bachelor’s Degree (Child Development)
Elementary School Teacher’s License (Type 1)
Kindergarten Teacher’s License (Type 1)
Special Needs Teacher’s License (Type 1)
Qualified Nursery Teacher
Social Welfare Secretary (Employment Qualification)

Career Prospects and Potential Work Facilities
Elementary schools
Schools for special needs education
Nursery centers
Child welfare institutions
Authorized child care centers

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