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Throughout Japan, in addition to Japan's unique national culture, other exotic cultures can also be found, and Hyogo Prefecture is a notable example of this. The prefectural capital city of Kobe has an international atmosphere, and the cultures of different countries can be seen on its streets. There are many international students in Hyogo that have come from European and Asian countries. While Kobe has many coeducational universities, it has also several women's colleges. Each type of university has its own merits, and international students can choose the type that is best for them. Being able to study in Japan while experiencing the culture and atmosphere of other countries as well makes study in Hyogo the best of both worlds.

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Sonoda Women's University Faculties

Japan University of Economics (Kobe Sannomiya Campus) Faculties

Himeji Dokkyo University Faculties

Hyogo University of Teacher Education Faculties

University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences Faculties

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Yokohama National University
Hosei University
Sophia University
Fukui University of Technology
Meiji Gakuin University
Kobe Gakuin University
Daito Bunka University
Tokyo International University
Chuo University
Temple University, Japan Campus
Rikkyo University
Teikyo University
Kansai University
Osaka University