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Graduate School Mie  / National

三重大学 | Mie University

Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Entrance exam information
Postal code 514-8507
Address 1577, kurimamachiya-cho, Tsu-shi, Mie
Department to contact Educational Affairs Office, Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economics
Phone 059-231-9197
Fax 059-231-9197
Program Master's program
Major Area Studies Program, Social Sciences Program
International students examination offered Special selection of international students
Application from outside Japan Available.
Prior qualification screening Necessary.
Availability of previous examination papers Available to photocopy
Available for reference
Please make an inquiry for details.
Qualification to apply Completion of undergraduate degree or equivalent
Applicants who have completed 16 years and above of school education in their home countries or expect to complete it by the designated date.
Applicants who are 22 years old or older and are recognized to have abilities equivalent to graduates by special admission qualification screening.
Please make an inquiry for details.
Notes Approval from an academic advisor is not required.
Applicants who have not fulfilled 16 years of school education should inquire beforehand.
Number of international students in 2021 11
Number of privately financed students 11
Number of exchange international students 0
Examination fee 30,000 yen
Admission fee 282,000 yen
Tuition per year 535,800 yen
Total expenses (First year) 847,800 yen
Remarks It is possible to submit applications from outside Japan, but please note that no applications will be accepted after the application deadline. When sending the examination voucher, be sure to send a self-addressed envelope together with the application documents so that it can be received by the applicant.
Entry April, 2022
Application category Examination for international students
Deadline for prior qualification screening December 3, 2021
Starting date for application submission January 4, 2022
Deadline of application January 14, 2022 (must arrive by this date)
Date of examination February 5, 2022 , February 6, 2022
Notification of examination result February 14, 2022
Examination/screening methods Documents screening, Major subjects(Answer in Japanese), Interview, Essay, Subjects differ by major. Please make an inquiry.

Last update: Jun. 03, 2021

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