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Research course information

Master's Program Admission Policy

Toyohashi University of Technology provides unique bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral courses in technology that are geared toward producing creative, practical-minded leaders in different fields of technology, and the education received at our university also provides students with an appreciation of humanity, international perspectives and responsible coexistence with the environment. Our university is also at the forefront of conducting cutting-edge technological and scientific research for the future.
The following points outline the type of student this university seeks to enroll:
(1) Those who have respect for humanity and the environment, and endeavor to contribute to local communities or to the world as a whole.
(2) Those with a fundamental knowledge in technology or science who are ready to make significant achievements at the university level.
(3) Those who take the initiative for their own education with the mindset of being a pioneer in a new field of science or technology.

Doctor's Program Admission Policy

Toyohashi University of Technology is dedicated to the development of new standards in technological science by promoting education and research opportunities related to advanced technology and science. The university educates and nurtures students with the leadership skills to become leading researchers with in-depth technical knowledge and broad global perspectives.
Applications are invited from highly motivated students with the following qualifications and traits:
(1) An excellent master’s degree (or its equivalent) based on research in technology and science.
(2) Respect for humanity and the environment, and a willingness to contribute to the local and global community.
(3) An enthusiasm and interest in technology and science.

Registered international students (by year)

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Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering aims to cultivate technicians capable of applying their knowledge of the fundamental areas of mechanics, control, systems engineering, materials engineering, production systems engineering, and energy conversion engineering to developing ‘monozukuri’ (manufacturing) .
*Monozukuri is a unique Japanese manufacturing style that encompasses the ability and spirit to manufacture excellent products while managing to continually improve the processes and systems involved.

Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering
This Department aims to cultivate technicians capable of excelling in the advanced core fields of electrical and electronic engineering and energy systems, as well as the integrated field of electrical devices and sensors, and finally information and communication technology fields such as wireless communication systems and information networks.

Computer Science and Engineering

In addition to equipping students with the skills to create advanced, large-scale information systems, and the understanding of the mechanisms and applications involved with human intellectual systems, this Department aims to cultivate expert information system technicians capable of managing the whole process of innovation from creation to building and operation.

Environmental and Life Sciences

This Department aims to cultivate technicians with a solid grounding in the areas of environmental science, life science and applied chemistry, and who have both the motivation and capability to apply this advanced knowledge to developing the technology that will support the next generation.

Architecture and Civil Engineering

The Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering is committed to equipping students with a good balance of expert technical skills in the areas of architecture and civil engineering, and aims to cultivate engineers capable of using this knowledge, along with knowledge of the liberal arts and social sciences, in order to resolve social issues.

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