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Introduction of Studies Resource and Energy Engineering

Resource and Energy Engineering

Researching the underground resources of the Earth's interior.

Resource engineering is the research of the resources found within the rocky layers below the Earth’s surface. Research topics include technologies for developing mineral and energy resources, tunnels and dams, groundwater flows, and the survey of the qualities and status of the Earth’s crust. In energy engineering, technologies are developed for the creation and harnessing of energy sources. Research topics include technologies for efficiently using oil and coal, and reducing the pollution caused by burning these substances, as well as technological improvements for safe and cost-effective nuclear power usage. Solar power has been gaining attention as a new source of energy. While it is said one ten-thousandth of the sun’s light is equivalent to all the Earth’s energy needs, solar cells remain costly, and there have been calls for additional research in the field. The largest tasks facing the field are the discovery of new substances and the development of new technologies. However, in addition to the research of technology, a broader view is needed to consider environmental effects and safety on an ongoing basis.

Universities that offer these studies include...

福井工業大学 | Fukui University of Technology

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Fukui University of Technology

東京都市大学 | Tokyo City University

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Tokyo City University

名古屋大学 | Nagoya University

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Nagoya University

早稲田大学 | Waseda University

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Waseda University

日本大学 | Nihon University

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Nihon University

筑波大学 | University of Tsukuba

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University of Tsukuba

広島大学 | Hiroshima University

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Hiroshima University

同志社大学 | Doshisha University

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Doshisha University

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