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Introduction of Studies Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Pursuing the comfortable daily lives of humans comprehensively.

Studies in the sciences of living aim to create more enjoyable human living through the research of family and household relations (such as between parent and child, or husband and wife), and the effects of living environments (such as aspects of food, clothing and shelter) on people. Subjects that are studied include basic topics such as food science, clothing studies, housing studies, and child studies. Other subjects are also studied such as lifestyle management, family studies, family care, and textile science. The sciences of living approaches issues people face in their daily lives to devise solutions for those issues. For example, there is the issue of the environmental pollution caused by the solid and water waste people generate in their daily lives. While considering expectations for comfortable living in communities and society, researchers are pursuing ways people can live in harmony with the natural environment.

Universities that offer these studies include...

兵庫県立大学 | University of Hyogo

The Global Business Course in the School of Eco...

University of Hyogo

広島大学 | Hiroshima University

Hiroshima University is a national institution ...

Hiroshima University

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