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Dành cho các bạn đang có dự định du học trường Kwansei Gakuin University. JAPAN STUDY SUPPORT là trang thông tin về du học Nhật Bản dành cho du học sinh nước ngoài, được đồng vận hành bởi Hiệp hội Asia Gakusei Bunka và Công ty cổ phần Benesse Corporation. Trang này đăng các thông tinInstitute of Business and AccountinghoặcGraduate school of TheologyhoặcGraduate school of HumanitieshoặcGraduate school of SociologyhoặcGraduate School of LawhoặcGraduate School of EconomicshoặcGraduate School of Business AdministrationhoặcGraduate school of Science and TechnologyhoặcGraduate School of Policy StudieshoặcGraduate school of Language, Communication, and CulturehoặcLaw SchoolhoặcGraduate School of Human Welfare StudieshoặcGraduate School of EducationhoặcGraduate School of International Studies của Kwansei Gakuin University cũng như thông tin chi tiết về từng khoa nghiên cứu, nên nếu bạn đang tìm hiểu thông tin du học liên quan tới Kwansei Gakuin University thì hãy sứ dụng trang này.Ngoài ra còn có cả thông tin của khoảng 1.300 trường đại học, cao học, trường đại học ngắn hạn, trường chuyên môn đang tiếp nhận du học sinh.

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関西学院大学 | Kwansei Gakuin University

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Institute of Business and Accounting

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【New】 Family Business program from 2022 spring

Kwansei Gakuin University Institute of Business and Accounting will establish a new course program called “Family Business Management Program” starting from 2022, April. Below are the information of this course.

-Objectives of Family Business Management Program-
The objective of the Family Business Management program is to train students who plan to succeed their family businesses. Through lectures and interactive case discussions, students learn how they should address typical challenges associated with management of family businesses for continuous growth and prosperity. The program is designed to provide interdisciplinary learning opportunities across management, marketing, as well as finance.
One may be surprised to learn that many leading firms in our global economy are managed as family businesses. Scholars have also uncovered that family businesses are more likely to be characterized with favorable performance than non-family businesses. We may conjecture that effective managerial approaches employed by family business managers unleash the full potential of their organizations. Accordingly, succeeding a family business poses unique challenges for managers. The challenges include managing unique value and culture for growth and prosperity, procuring external resources while maintaining control by the family, and professionalizing organizational system without disrupting family bonds, just to name a few. The aim of this program is to familiarize those who plan to succeed their family businesses with some of the typical issues and challenges they are likely to face, and to prepare them for effective management of their family heritage.
Some of the major issues to be discussed in this program include introduction to the complex topics of managing brands for family led businesses. Through a mixture of lectures (including guest lectures) and class discussions, students learn the strategic importance of brand creation and its translation into enduring organizations for family led businesses. Because of the limited talents within an organization, a leader plays an important role for making financial decisions as well, another major topic covered in this program. We also discuss issues of corporate sustainability, a growing theme of discussion for family businesses and SMEs (small and medium enterprises), including key elements of sustainable marketing strategies and sustainability accounting. Finally, students are also guided towards developing a practical mentoring perspective on leadership development, specifically for purposes of preparing for leadership succession in SMEs and especially in family owned businesses.

For more information such as admission, course information, registration model and curriculum, please refer to the link.

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Giới thiệu cơ sở vật chất của trường

KGU International Residences

In addition to the four dormitories (International Residence II, III, IV and V), preparations are underway for the opening of the new international dormitory “Yukoryo”.
Resident Assistants (RAs) are placed in the International Residence V and Yukoryo Dormitory. They support dormitory students and organize events every month.
The dormitories feature substantial communal spaces, providing a great nurturing environment for building relationships between students.

Location: between 5 to 60 minutes from the Nishinomiya Uegahara Campus.
Room types: Private rooms or Units.
*4 students share a kitchen and a bathroom in a unit. Each student has their own private bedrooms.
All dormitories are self-catering.
Co-ed dormitories.

Yukoryo Dormitory (Preparing for opening):
International Residence II, III, IV, V:

Access all the necessary books and databases for your research at the University Library.

In addition to the approximately 1.5 million books, approximately 17,000 academic journal titles and about 20,000 audio-visual materials the library holds, there are also many databases, e-books and e-journals and other electronic material that can be accessed.
As well as the academic journals held in the library, the “Books on Japan” corner has an extensive selection of material for learning about Japanese culture.
The library has group study and group reading rooms, as well as special private study rooms for the use of graduate students and faculty only.
The library also runs orientation programs for new students and various seminars to help students search for scientific information.

Private room at Yukoryo

Party held at International Residence V

University Library

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